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We believe that fun is a choice. A choice that anyone can make, at any time. A choice that can make the moment better for everyone. At Royal Star, we create a place where you’re your most fun self. Our Yachts/ Cruise are designed to inspire this choice--where every part of our experience is designed to bring people together, with limitless opportunities to let our guards down and create our own, contagious, irresistible fun. When you sail with us, you’re bound to find your type of fun--at any one moment, having our minds blown by amazing sights, Fishing with rode as fun, Swimming and water sports, singing and dancing our hearts out, Prepare BBQ grill or savoring mouthwatering bites--all with the help of our crew--the ultimate fun facilitators. Enjoy the wonders of the UAE onboard Royal Star Yachts, Having Various feet. Whether it is an excursion, corporate entertaining, party, romantic escape or just pure pleasure for you and your family. we designed for safety, speed and comfort, combined with her professional, experienced captain and crew provide the perfect solution. If you are looking for a yacht that allows you to enjoy time cruising with family & friends with the wind in your face while lounging on sun pads, this Open Mangusta matches your lifestyle. Cruise program will be based on your wishes, timing and weather conditions. During the cruise, you can enjoy remarkable UAE sights such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai Canal, and World Islands. Speed, style, relaxation – the way life is mean to be lived. All these qualities surely make Royal Star yachts, a perfect yacht for charter.

All staterooms are equipped with Stereo, DVD, and television, Sunbed on front & Back, Dining table outdoor, Bar counter in the salon, Lounge area, Soft Drinks

Catering, Snacks, Barbeque, DJ, Sound system, Live cooking, water activities and toys The yacht located in Dubai Marina, in front of the Dubai Mall. “Life is short, boats are cool, The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one is in its net of wonder forever” yacht charter dubai yacht rental dubai boat rental

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